Pattaya Fireworks Festival 2020

Pattaya Spectacular Fireworks Festival 2020

The Pattaya International Fireworks Festival will be held along Beach Road and is normally towards the end of November. This is a two-day competition between countries such as China, Korea and Japan all competing to be crowned champions. On day one the competitors give a 10-minute preview of their displays and on day two, each country provides a full 45-minute display. The event is held on Beach Road and also features, live music and dance, along with many stalls selling handicrafts and food.

Before booking a holiday in Pattaya check out the events calendar as there is always something amazing happening that should not be missed. Many of these events centre on Bali Hai Pier and Beach Road. The Holiday Inn Pattaya is a good family-friendly hotel located on Beach Road, just a short walk from Bali Hai Pier and would make an ideal base for a stay Pattaya.

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