A Lover’s Gift Guide: 5 Perfect Gift Ideas For Your Other Half

February is known as the month of love. Even if Valentine’s day has gone and passed, love is still in the air throughout the year, especially this month.

Surprising your other half with a gift for a special occasion or even, just as a token of appreciation is always a great gesture to make him or her smile or to rekindle the spark. However, picking out a gift can be quite a headscratcher, so here are some gift ideas that you can look into!

Gifts for women

Many think gifting for ladies is especially hard, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are five easy ideas that you can access easily, and will not too expensive.

  1. Chocolates: Who doesn’t love chocolates? These are the most common gift ideas and are easily accessible at all times. If there aren’t any cute chocolate gift boxes, you can always customise your own – just pick out her favourite chocolates and pack it in a gift basket or box! Add a touch of a personal card, and you’re good to go.

  2. Flowers: Flowers are classics, especially if you know her favourite type of flowers. Flowers not only decorate and brighten a room, but fresh flowers smell especially nice.

  3. Perfume: Special occasions, going to work, or for going out, perfume is always a nice touch to finish up an outfit. This is very personal preference gift, so if you are thinking of buying her perfume, make sure you take note of the type of scents she likes before you decide on which brand to get her.

  4. Home plants: Plants are the easiest way to dress up a home and they flourish with proper care – this can signify the growth of your love for her. A good tip is to opt for plants that are easy to care for such as succulents, snake plant or aloe vera.

  5. Accessories: Bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings are accessories that girls love. You don’t have to buy an over-the-top piece of jewellery as there are many affordable and stylish versions out in shops these days. But make sure to pay attention to the type of jewellery she wears before you make a decision, or an even better tip is to get a second opinion from someone who knows her style.

Gifts for men

Picking out gifts for men is pretty simple – men often want items that are practical for everyday use such as these gift ideas we have laid out for you.

  1. Wallet: This is a very practical item to gift and it is something they will always use. This gift idea is the easiest as you can purchase it any mall or even online.

  2. Necktie: If your other half is working in a corporate environment where they may use neckties now and then, then this is a perfect gift. Neckties come in various styles and prints, where you can even personalise it. Also, neckties are great for special occasion use as well so it is always a good idea to have a fancy necktie on hand just in case.

  3. Perfume: Just like women, perfume always comes in handy for special occasions - for work or simply, going out. But make sure you know what type of scents he likes before you pick out a brand.

  4. Belt: Men will always find a use for belt – not only do they dress up an outfit but they keep those pants from hanging low! Also, it is easy to find in stores and online.

  5. Earphones: Earphones are a necessity. They can be used at work, during commutes and typically, anytime! There are many brands out there to choose from with various features. If your man is always using earphones, consider getting him a multifunctional earpiece such as wireless earphones that can also take calls with a touch.

The best gift of all is a hotel experience!

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