Kids Stay and Eat Free Program at Holiday Inn Pattaya

Pattaya is an exciting seaside city to visit as the city is one of the more interesting places to go on a vacation. People know Pattaya as a fun-filled city with many things to do and partake in such as indulge in excellent seafood, watch flashy shows or simply lounge by the beach. Pattaya, without a doubt, is a city for any vacationing family. For young children, Pattaya can turn in an exciting place to go to as the city is best known for its gigantic theme parks, educational facilities such as aquariums and family friendly hotels. Holiday Inn Pattaya is a spectacular hotel, well known for its child-friendly facilities and professional staff. Additionally, children staying at the Holiday Inn Pattaya are entitled to the Holiday Inn Pattaya’s ‘Kids Stay and Eat Free Program’.

What are the ‘Kids Stay and Eat Free Program’? The Kids Stay and Eat Free Program benefits kids under the age of 12. Not only will children enjoy a complimentary stay, sharing the same room as their parents. Additionally, children will receive complimentary meals as well. Holiday Inn Pattaya is dedicated to offering the best healthy food choices for all guests, especially for children. The hotel’s menu features a broad range of kid’s favorites, developed by the hotel’s talented chefs and kitchen staff.

Children staying at the hotel will be thrilled to take part in fun activities provided by Holiday Inn Pattaya. The hotel’s Kids Club is renowned as Pattaya’s best facilities for young children and families. For children who love to express their creativity, they can do so at the Kids Club. The club features heaps of enjoyable activities do so such as bag painting, doll painting, t-shirt painting, making gelatin candles, fabric frame painting and more. Additionally, kids can also participate in the hotel’s special activity, mask painting. Using non-toxic paints, children can paint what they like onto the provided templates. Once it’s dry, they can wear it and parade around as that character on the mask!

Other than indulging into their creative talents, the Kids Club supports numerous facilities. These services include the Nintendo Wii, a playground ball pit, balloons, having fun wearing Thai costumes or they can play online games using the club’s computer kiosk. Additionally, the hotels offer in-room babysitting services on the request until 10 PM.

Parents will be reassured their little ones will be taken care of by the hotel’s staff, ensuring their children will be safe and ultimately, have fun on their vacation in Thailand at Holiday Inn Pattaya.

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