Pattaya is Fun in the Rain Too!

Pattaya is Fun in the Rain Too!

The monsoon is almost upon Thailand and that means that bright, warm days of sunshine will have to share the calendar with stormy, dark days with torrential rain. Many tourists typically choose to stay away from Pattaya during these days as it means that beach and outdoor activities are barely possible or unavailable. However, these tourists are missing out on all the amazing things Pattaya offers them. A few drops of rain sure won’t stop one of the most entertaining and fun cities in Thailand. Here’s a few things you can check out in Pattaya when it rains.

Hold Your Own Indoor Sports Tournament

Instead of staying in your hotel room, why not go out and enjoy some indoors sports activities? In fact, if you are a part of a group of friends, go ahead and make a day of it. Instead of simply going to an indoor sports venue of your choice, we suggest holding your own tournament where everyone involved competes in all the sports and the winner gets a special prize. A great activity to start out with is everyone’s favourite indoor sport, ten pin bowling. There are a number of bowling alleys in Pattaya such as Blu-O Rhythm, SF Strike Bowl and P.S Bowling. After that a game of badminton one of Pattaya’s sports clubs or recreation centres should get the everyone competing hard for a win. Fans of table sports such as billiards or pool can go ahead and rack ‘em up as there are plenty of pool/billiards tables all over Pattaya. Finally, you can end the day playing a game of darts at one of the many pubs that have a dart board. Small competitions can really memorable and fun ways to enjoy a holiday.

Kid’s Club

If you brought your family with you, the kids are going to want to do something fun and interesting on their vacation as well. They might not be able to go out in the rain, but they can definitely enjoy spending time at the Kid’s Club at the Holiday Inn Pattaya. The Kid’s Club has daily activities for children ranging from colouring and painting to making their bracelets and other accessories. Apart from that, children can enjoy their favourite movies on DVD or even play games on the game consoles that we have at the club such as the Nintendo Wii.

Catch up on Cultural Activities

Pattaya is home to many shows, attractions and museums which can keep visitors busy for many hours at a time. Where you choose to go might be depend on who you are traveling with. Family attractions in Pattaya to consider are Underwater World, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and the Teddy Bear Museum. Underwater World is a beautiful aquarium that showcases all of Thailand’s marine life and it is sure to ignite the imagination of any young child that has never seen such graceful creatures before. Ripley’s Believe it or Not is a museum full of many oddities that are so incredible that they must simply be seen to be believed. The Teddy Bear Museum is a cute and colourful departure from the other activities with everyone’s favourite teddies spending time entertaining kids.

For the adults and children alike, Art in Paradise Museum can be a fun place to spend the afternoon. This interactive museum features large and detailed backdrops that visitors can pose in. The images produce a 3D effect from certain angles which create timeless photo opportunities for you to always enjoy. Adults can go ahead and take in the various cabaret shows around Pattaya and see why Thailand’s ladyboys are some of the most impressive entertainers around!

So, don’t ever let a rainy day get you down especially if you are in Pattaya town. After a long day out, come back to Holiday Inn Pattaya for comfortable and well-earned night of sleep.

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