5 Fun Facts about Pattaya Thailand Tourist Spot

5 Fun Facts About Pattaya

Thailand is a melting pot of cultures and it is full of rich history on how the country got where it is today.

Pattaya, a well-known tourist spot on Thailand’s eastern Gulf coast, is no different - there are a lot of fun facts and places to visit in Pattaya, making it a perfect destination for a quick getaway.

So, here are five fun facts you may not have known about Pattaya.  

1. It has the 14th tallest building in the Thailand

Pattaya’s Reflection Jomtien Beach Oceanfront is a prominent skyscraper in the quaint resort city and it is also the tallest building here - although this might be a known fact among those living in Pattaya, did you know it is also the 14th tallest building in all of Thailand? Yup. The 55-storey condominium overlooks Pattaya’s magnificent Jomtien Beach, with units fitted with luxurious details including floor-to-ceiling windows and unrivalled ocean views.

2. Pattaya was once called ‘Tappaya’

Pattaya is believed to be where Phraya Tak (King Taksin) troops rested after marching from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi in 1767. As the story goes, Phraya Tak was faced with the local leader, Nai Klom, who tried to intercept their march. However, when they met, Nai Klom surrendered to Phraya Tak and they fought together, later naming it as ‘Thap Phraya’. Some also called it Tappaya, but it later changed to an easier-to-pronounce name - Pattaya.

3. Pattaya is also a golf destination

Besides being an all-rounded tourist spot with many places to visit, Pattaya is also popularly known as a golf destination. The resort city has various options for avid golfers from world-class golf greenery to budget-friendly locations. To top it off, these courses are just a short drive away from the city itself. Usually, the months of November and March are great for golfing as the temperatures are lower and rainfall is less likely. However, golfers still visit Pattaya all year round as non-peak seasons are equally attractive because there are less people on the courses.

4. Pattaya has a lot of Italian restaurants

When it comes to tourism in Pattaya, you’ll come across various recommendations about what places to visit in Pattaya and that will of course, include restaurants. Besides Thai favourites, Pattaya also offers various types of cuisine and Italian restaurants, especially, are quite the attraction among locals, as well as tourists alike. There are many Italian restaurants scattered throughout Pattaya, even one right at Holiday Inn Pattaya known as Terrazzo Restaurant. Terrazzo Restaurant, which is located in the ground floor of Bay Tower, features signature pizzas made with authentic Italian methods - you can even pick your own toppings! To top it off, Terrazzo uses the freshest ingredients while cocktails are on the menu for guests to sip on as they marvel at the gorgeous Pattaya sunset.

5. Pattaya tourism was made popular during the Vietnam War

Pattaya was previously only known as a fishing village until the 1960s. Later, American servicemen who were battling in the Vietnam war used the sleepy fishing town as a resting location. In 1959, a large group arrived from a base in Korat and began renting houses at the south-end of the beach - this is now known as the “Strip”. Pattaya later became more prominent as word spread and its fame as a destination grew following that.  

Ready to take a trip to Pattaya?

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to Pattaya. In fact, there are historical elements that lie in the city we know and love today. In addition to that, tourism has flourished with various attractions to discover.

When it comes to lodging, Holiday Inn Pattaya is perfect for that as we are located just besides Beach Road and offer stunning views of the Oceanside. If you are looking to book a stay with us, you can check out our quick packing guide on what to pack for a stay at Holiday Inn Pattaya too.  

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