Visit Pattaya’s Beautiful and Exotic Temples on Vacation

The beautiful city of Pattaya lies on the south-eastern seashore of Thailand. It boasts many attractions that draw tourists to its shores. One of the must-see attractions are the ancient temples. These temples harken back to a simpler time, offer a place for visitors to enjoy meditation and tranquility. While on a day trip to the various temples, visitors will be able to learn about the history of each sanctuary by their grand architecture features, dramatic statues, as well as their serene surroundings filled with the peaceful sounds of prayer and meditation.

Home of the Big Buddha

Wat Phra Yai was built in the 1940s and is home to the largest Buddha statue in the region. The statue stands above the trees and can be seen from a great distance from the temple. It measures in at 18 meters tall and is a favorite among groups touring the temple. It is also a popular point of interest for locals who come to pray at the foot of this magnificent statue. Visitors can be blessed by monks for a small donation, ring bells for good luck, take pictures of the many smaller statues of Buddha found in the temple walls as well as take in the sights of the city from high above. Wat Phra Yai is located just 2 km south of the city on the top of Pratumnak Hill. One option for visitors to get to the temple is a bus, which costs about five and a half U.S. dollars (approximate 200 Thai baht). The admission price to the temple is free, which makes it a great option for those looking for culture on a budget.


Wat Yansangwararam: A Grand Buddhist Complex

Wat Yansangwararam sits on a massive 145 acres (around 600,000 square meters) of land and is home to several buildings, gardens, and a large lake. It was built in the mid-1970s and boasts architectural styles from a variety of cultures, like India, Japan as well as China. Visitors can take in the spectacular sights, architecture and participate in a meditation class, which are offered twice daily. They will also be able to see many ancient Buddhist artifacts and a replica of Buddha’s footprint. Another reason to visit Wat Yansangwararam is the view of Buddha Mountain or Khao Cheejan. This laser-carved, gold-plated image of Buddha is 170 meters tall and 30 meters wide. The temple is open daily from 8 am-5 pm and admission is free. To get to the temple, the visitors will need to travel about 15 km south of Pattaya via taxi or bus.

Stunning Wooden Sanctuary

The Sanctuary of Truth is another notable temple to add to one’s travel itinerary. The sanctuary was built under the concept that man cannot be born without seven creators namely Heaven, Earth, Father, Mother, Moon, Sun, and Stars. This temple is constructed completely of wood with the decoration of sculptures reflecting mythologies of China, Cambodia, India, and Thailand. Visitors can take in impressive wood carvings of Buddhist and Hindu gods and goddesses, take guide tours of the grounds and view Thai dancing during their visit. This temple can be reached via taxi and is a short 3 km trip outside of the center of Pattaya. Admission to the temple is approximate $14 dollars U.S. (around 500 Thai Baht).


Pattaya is known as the wonderful beach and family-friendly beachfront hotels, a place for seafood lovers, and a hub for nightlife people. This city is also a home to many temples, which stand around the city as beautiful reminders of the history, religion and cultural of the area. To complete your trip in Pattaya, visiting these temples will surely give you the extraordinary peace.

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