Chill Out at Pattaya’s Best Spots for Live Music

If you are visiting picturesque Pattaya on the Eastern Gulf of Thailand, you won’t have a hard time finding places to hear some great live music. If you’re in the mood to kick back and enjoy some music while in this lively town, be sure to check out these noteworthy spots. No matter what kind of music you like, Pattaya’s choices will be sure to hit the spot for you.

Havana Bar at the Holiday Inn Hotel Pattaya

At Holiday Inn Pattaya, the hotel has many dining in locations and one of the bars on-site is the Havana Bar; a bar with a touch of Cuba to boast. The bar features an exotic Caribbean feel and features a hefty amount of signature mojito cocktails within a peaceful and modern ambiance. If you plan on checking into the Havana Bar in the evening, you’ll be treated to soothing and grooving live music and the finest delicacies available at the hotel. Additionally, the bar comes well-stocked with exotic cigar displays for that laid back, Caribbean feel.

Hard Rock Café Pattaya

Another place of interest found in cities around the world is the famous Hard Rock Café. Pattaya has its very own Hard Rock Café, known for its fantastic live music performances by talented artists worldwide. People who love rock ‘n roll are sure to have a blast. When the final music performance is done, be sure to check out the café’s vast and impressive assortment of musical artifacts from the past, too.

Climax Rock Bar

Pattaya has a lively nightlife scene whether you enjoy dancing, socializing with new people or only listen to the sounds of live music. If you’d love to hear talented artists covering legendary tunes from music greats such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Bad Company, then Climax Rock Bar will have you grinning from ear to ear all night long. Entry into the bar is free, which is another perk. If you’re into the idea of inexpensive beverages and top-notch live entertainment, don’t forget to head over to the Climax Rock Bar.

The Mood Blues Café

While the Hard Rock Café Pattaya can indeed satisfy your desire to hear good, old-fashioned rock music, the Mood Blues Cafe is an excellent destination to indulge in your love for live jazz and blues. The café regularly hosts prominent musical artists who are in the middle of Thai tours. Although the Pratumnak establishment is a hub for music, it boasts an ambiance that’s truly cozy and relaxing. When you visit the Mood Blues Café, you can savor live music every night no matter what. People who visit this venue tend to be music lovers who are both friendly and outgoing in nature.

The Stones House

The Stones House is a well-known Pattaya destination that’s a terrific spot for lovers of live music. If you want to savor live music every night, The Stones House will never let you down. Just visit the venue starting at 7:00 pm. If you do so, you’ll be able to enjoy pop rock and rock tunes for hours on end. Extremely well-known Thai musical artists also perform at The Stones House on a monthly basis. Visitors and local music fans both regularly visit The Stones House for the live music opportunities.

Rolling Live 3

Rolling Live 3, last but definitely not least, is yet another popular locale for people in Pattaya who simply want to unwind against a backdrop of fantastic live musical performances. This is another music venue that is frequented both by foreign visitors and by Thai people who live in the area. People who only adore rock and pop should have an incredible time visiting Rolling Live 3.

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