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Exciting Things Families Can Do at Khao Kheaw Open Zoo

Known for its nightlife and status as a resort town, Pattaya is often overlooked when considering family vacations. However, over the years Pattaya has reinvented itself as a more family-friendly destination. Aside from the many amazing beaches and hotels, Pattaya hosts a variety of activities that are fun for the entire family, regardless of age. One of the most interesting, and fun, attractions for families is the Khao Kheaw Open Zoo.

Planning Ahead

Whenever planning a family excursion, be prepared for all possibilities. Make sure to have a hotel confirmed, cash on hand, transportation organized, and most importantly, have a great time. The Khao Kheaw Open Zoo will easily fill an entire day during a family trip to Pattaya. Many amenities are available in the gift shops and other kiosks around the Zoo, but it is important to have a small survival kit of bandages, tissues (for the washrooms), moist hand wipes and/or sanitizer, water, and small snacks. The survival kit helps to prevent any small problems that may arise when a kiosk is not handy, or when watching a show.

Ticket Prices and Services

Ticket prices for the Khao Kheaw Open Zoo are 300THB per adult, and 150THB per child, and include two free shows, making the entrance fee quite affordable. For travelers who have rented a vehicle, the Zoo is easy to drive through, with many areas for parking and seeing the sights. The Khao Keaw Open Zoo is much too large to walk through, so if travelers do not have a car with them, golf carts are available for rental by the hour.

About the Zoo

Covering 5,000 rai (8 SQ KM), Khao Kheaw Open Zoo houses 8,000 animals (more than 300 species). The zoo hosts the largest tiger center in the Asia Pacific region. The main purpose of Khao Keaw is to preserve wildlife and provide educational and practical research. Currently, there are six rare white tigers on exchange from the Memphis Zoo in the USA.


There are many attractions to visit throughout the Open Zoo, including the various habitats of the 300 species of animals housed at the zoo. The main habitats are the African Savannah, Penguin Parade, Butterfly Garden, Cat Complex, Walkthrough Aviary, and Eld’s Deer Park. Each habitat has an information board that gives a detailed description of the animals and where the animals originally come from, providing an educational aspect to the zoo. In addition to the habitats, there are four different shows for guests to enjoy.

Journey to the Jungle

The most well-known show at the Khao Kheaw Open Zoo is the Journey to the Jungle. Visitors are treated to an entertaining and enriching presentation that showcases various animals and birds in their natural environments. Guests can watch wild cats climb trees and watch tropical birds soar high in the sky, in the dazzling display.

Wild Khao Keow

Another educationally charged show, Wild Khao Kheaw is where guests can meet and greet countless species of exotic animals while learning about the natural habitat and habitual natures of the animals. Visitors, both young and old, will learn interesting facts, tips, and tricks about nature, conservation, and recycling to preserve the animal kingdom for future generations. Another bonus to this show is the exciting photos shoots during each presentation.

Elephant Trek

When thinking of Thailand, the most common animal that comes to mind is the Elephant. At Khao Kheaw Open Zoo visitors can enjoy a short ride on the largest land animal in Asia, the Asian Elephant. These magnificent gentle giants will take guests through the hilly terrain of the zoo. For guests who do not wish to take a short ride, the elephant habitat is designed to allow visitors to watch the elephants in their natural environment.

Night Safari

Once the sun sets for the day, guests are encouraged to experience a one of a kind night safari. Accompanied by an expert tour guide, and transported in a modern and safe service car, guests can observe animals, such as tapirs, tigers, giraffes, elephants, and various birds at night. This amazing experience will cultivate a memorable family vacation.

The Khao Kheaw Open Zoo is one of the most majestic and amazing attractions in Pattaya. Transportation can be arranged easily, and it promises a full day of fun and great memories. While staying in Pattaya make sure to book your hotel in advance, and most importantly, enjoy your stay in this wonderful resort town.

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