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Fun Activities to do in Pattaya with Kids

Located about sixty miles southeast of Bangkok, Pattaya is a coastal city that rests on the banks of the Gulf of Thailand. Though originally a humble fishing town, Pattaya is now one of Thailand’s most popular tourist cities. As with any well-established locale, the sights and attractions suitable for adults are plentiful, but unlike many large cities, Pattaya boasts a plethora of kid-safe, family-friendly activities.

Don’t let the prospect of Pattaya’s image divert you from bringing your children here; there are exceptional things to do and see in Pattaya and skipping it would be a shame. Many of these sites adapted their attractions catered directly for toddlers, young children to teenagers to enjoy while on vacation in Thailand’s beautiful coastal gem.

Here are some of the most exciting and engaging places you can take your child while on vacation in Pattaya.

Water Parks & Amusement Parks

Pattaya is renowned for its gargantuan water parks, distributed evenly across the city. The parks offer baby pools, wading pools, full Olympic size pools, as well as fountains, sprinklers, and water slides. Especially if you go during the warmer seasons, Pattaya’s water parks are bound to make your children happy while cooling you off! As with any under the sun attraction, always remember to bring along sunscreen to help protect your children from harmful UV rays.

Cartoon Amazone Pattaya

Similar to waterparks, Pattaya’s amusement parks are geared toward children of all ages. The Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark is the city’s brand new attraction, featuring colorful slides and lovable CN characters of the past. While the park’s main attractions are waterslides, there are playful mascots roaming around the park and children take pictures with them. In the evening, guests will be treated to a spectacular live show, courtesy of the park’s professional performers.


Go-Karts are immensely popular in Pattaya and it’s no surprise there’s a handful of coiling circuits all over town. There over three go-kart courses in Pattaya such as EasyKart, Pattaya Kart Speedway, K.R. Go-Kart Grandprix are some of the recommended options for kids. Go-Karts are catered to children as young as 8 years old with relatively no experience to experienced drivers. Kids aging 1 – 13 years will drive a 100 cc vehicle; with maximum speeds up to 25 km/h. Older kids (older than 12 years old) can choose between a 160 cc (40 km/h) vehicle or a 270 cc (70 km/h) vehicle. In addition, the circuits offer an Adult and Kid vehicle with speeds topping at 35 km/h.

Each circuit is supervised by trained adults and the staff closely monitors the circuits, in case of any minor incidents.


Only a thirty-minute drive outside the city of Pattaya, the Sriracha Tiger Zoo is one of the famous zoos in Pattaya and Thailand. The zoo is spacious and features a hefty amount of local and exotic animals on display. This particular zoo boasts an exotic array of tigers, elephants, pigs, exotic birds, crocodiles and stunning flora. Additionally, the zoo provides a shuttle bus for an easier commute to and from the zoo.


If the weather fails you and begins to storm, there is no shortage of indoor activities either. After all, Pattaya’s museums are the talk of the town for a reason. At the Royal Garden Plaza, tourists will find the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, where children can learn surprising facts, see unbelievable sights, and finally, ride their famous 3D haunted house ride. Also, younger guests will have the opportunity to meet their favorite celebrities at Louis Tussaud’s Waxwork Museum. Finally, children are always welcome Pattaya Bottle Museum on Sukhumvit Road where they will discover an assortment of ships and letters curiously stuffed into bottles and later found on the beaches.

No matter where you’re staying in Pattaya, rest assured that your children will have as enjoyable a time visiting the charming city as you will. From zoos to go-karts, from amusement parks to museums, the possibilities for fun never end, and you’ll find your children eager to return to the delightful city.

For more information about where you can take your children, have our hotel staff at Holiday Inn Pattaya provide you with even more suggestions on how to make your Pattaya vacation memorable.

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