Celebrate the End of the Year – 9 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Annual Corporate Event in Pattaya

As the end of the year is approaching, it’s the perfect time to organize a company holiday party! If you’re the assigned planner for these annual corporate events, the perfect answer might just be a conference in Pattaya. Let’s take a look at 9 reasons that will make your decisions in organizing this upcoming event much easier!

1. Convenient Commuting from Bangkok
Situated in Chonburi, Pattaya is conveniently connected to Bangkok’s major roads, making it even easier to host a conference by the sea as you wish. You can either choose to drive in from Bangkok using the Bangna-Chonburi Highway route (Buraphawithi Highway) or from Saraburi using the motorway, which will get you to your destination in no time!

2. Organize a Conference by the Sea Easily
We all know that Pattaya is a popular beach destination for both Thais and foreigners. That’s why it’s no surprise that you can easily organize a corporate event in Pattaya, including company holiday parties, annual corporate events or even a wedding by the sea as there are numerous quality venues that can accommodate these events.

3. Countless Fun Activities
Apart from unwinding and relaxing at the annual corporate event, you and your colleagues can also enjoy many fun activities such as underwater ‘sea-walking’, parachuting, riding banana boats, or going on a day trip to Koh Lan.

4. World-class Hotels
If you’ve ever visited Pattaya, you might’ve noticed that the beach is lined with shops, hotels and numerous other accommodation options that can you can choose from. Don’t forget our world-class hotel, Holiday Inn Pattaya, that offers a sublime atmosphere and service that would be perfect for organizing conferences in Pattaya of any scale.

5. A Vibrant Food Scene
From international cuisine to fresh seafood, Pattaya is lined with restaurants that serve delicious dishes. Whether it’s taking in the beautiful scenery near the sea or organizing your annual corporate event, you are sure to be spoiled with a beautiful array of food options!

6. Be Entertained, All Day and Night
Apart from Bangkok, Pattaya seems to be known as the city that never sleeps as it is packed full of things to do and places to visit for both the daytime and the night time. And that’s exactly why your corporate conference in Pattaya won’t be a drag as you’ll be kept busy with fun activities during the day and wild partying during the night!

7. The Perfect Ambience
Imagine standing at your balcony while watching the sun set amid the warm skies that’s colored with shades of blue and orange. As the sun slowly dips into the vast ocean water, you’ll be left with an unforgettable memory. If you have the chance to join in on a company holiday party at Pattaya, don’t forget to enjoy this mesmerizing view.

8. Share Your Experiences
For those who enjoy meeting new people and sharing stories, Pattaya is another destination that welcomes both Thais and foreigners from all the corners of the word. With a diverse collection of cultures, lifestyles and stories, organizing this year’s annual corporate event will definitely be one that’s unique and greatly enjoyable.

9. Great souvenirs
You’ll be impressed even as you’re on your journey back from your trip. If you’re looking for souvenirs for your family and friends, Pattaya boasts a wide range of souvenir and gift shops where you can find local delicacies such as dried seafood products. If you’re heading towards Chonburi and Nongmon, you’ll also be welcomed with a beautiful variety of Thai sweets. After your conference in Pattaya, don’t forget to stop by and visit these shops!

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