Family Fun in Pattaya

Family Fun in Pattaya!

Pattaya is an excellent holiday destination because of the sheer number of incredible attractions that are accessible to families. It’s been a long school year with a lot of stress and growing pains, so it is fair to say that your children deserve a break too. Everyone has his or her preferences and choices for a dream destination but in the end, the best destination has something for everyone. The cheery folk of Pattaya are always happy to see tourists come to their city and enjoy the beaches and fun attractions. Before you make your decision to pack your bags and come to Pattaya, here’s a few things that your family can enjoy doing together.

Frost Magical Ice in Siam

It’s monsoon season in Thailand, which means that when it is not hot, it is raining. For some this is just an unbearable situation but luckily, there is another cool option to consider. Frost Magical Ice in Siam is an exciting place to take the family to see some beautiful art in a refreshing and fun medium. Thai artists got together to create gorgeous ice sculptures that are housed in -10 degrees C! That’s right; you can beat the heat by jumping into a very cold room and marvelling at the beauty of these sculptures! There’s an exciting ice walk to take and even an ice bar stocked with freezing drinks.

Pizza Plaza

Pizza is now widely available all over the world and everyone already knows which kind of pizza he or she likes. Nobody expects that much from a pizza restaurant anymore but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. Pizza Plaza is trying to make pizza more fun than ever before for every family that walks into the restaurant. They have innovative way of serving pizza to their customers and that is to let the customers make the pizza! This all-you-can-eat pizza restaurant brings out the ingredients you want as well small mini-pizza ovens so that patrons can make a pizza they want to and bake it in these ovens. Kids love this more than almost anyone else does and even if they don’t, there is a play area in the restaurant for them to enjoy. Try baking a pizza together as a family only in Pattaya.

Pattaya Sheep Farm

Connect with cute animals at the Pattaya Sheep Farm. All the cuddliest and cutest animals are there for the petting at the Pattaya Sheep Farm such as alpaca, horses and ponies, deer, tortoise, pigs and sheep! The Sheep Farm also has a few activities that you can enjoy such as a horse-drawn carriage ride to see the animals around the park or playing games at the Game Zone to name but a few things. They even have a delicious steak house for a satisfying meal.

Underwater World Pattaya

Discover the beautiful marine life of Thailand at the state-of-the-art Underwater World in Pattaya. The Touch Pool is a great opportunity for the children to get a sense of what fish are like in their natural habitat. The rest of the aquarium has a huge variety of animals such as sharks, rays and jellyfish that are all visible in one place. This is a great experience for children who have never had the chance to see any kind of marine life up close.

Experience these exciting places while staying at the Holiday Inn Pattaya. Our Family Suite is perfect for families to stay together and enjoy every minute of their special vacation. There is a comfortable master bedroom for the adults to stretch out on and there is even an extra special room for the young children to enjoy. This Moby Dick-inspired Bedroom is playful and cozy and the ocean view from the room is going to be the unforgettable backdrop for this memorable vacation. Come and enjoy Pattaya together this Summer!

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