Pattaya Thai Food: Here Are the 4 Flavours of Thai Food

Get to Know the 4 Flavours of Thai Food

Thai food is one of the main pillars of the country’s culture and it is known for its layers, as well as well-balanced notes of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. With influences from other Southeast Asian countries, Thailand has multiple well-known dishes that are replicated and found worldwide as local food remains a staple in many homes.

So, if you are looking for a Pattaya Thai restaurant, here’s a quick guide to the four main flavours that make Thai food what it is today.

1. Sweet

When it comes to the sweet element in Thai food, the common route is of course, sugar. In Thailand, there are different types of sugar which include the common white and brown sugar. However, there are other options used in cooking which provide a different sweetness profile such as palm sugar and coconut palm sugar - these palm sugar present a distinctive smokiness to the sweetness and are darker in colour. These palm sugar are commonly used in curries, as well as desserts which can be found at various Pattaya Thai restaurants.

2. Sour

Sour is a large part of Thai cuisine and the most common source for the sourness in local food comes from condiments such as lime juice and tamarind. At times, lemongrass is added to the mixture to sweeten the sour notes of these ingredients. These sour flavours are often highlighted in salads, sauces and even certain soups - one of the most popular dishes, Tom Yam, features a core flavour profile of sourness. You can find Tom Yam at any Thai Pattaya restaurant.

3. Salty

Saltiness is important in almost every dish globally. However, the saltiness of Thai food is unique in the sense that it’s not to complement a dish, but instead, it elevates the flavours. Fish sauce is used widely in Thai cuisine and is a household staple. It brings umami to the dishes, highlighting the savoury flavours to a more complex level. Additionally, soy sauce is often used as well to create a lighter saltiness taste, along with an earthy profile that complements meats and vegetables.

4. Spicy

There are different levels of spiciness in Thai food and it also depends on where you eat it - you can request for a lower level of spiciness if your tastebuds can’t take too much heat. Nevertheless, spicy notes play a large part in Thai food which can come from a mixture of galangal (a peppery version of ginger), chilli and peppercorns. Spiciness is elevated in popular dishes including papaya salad (Som Tam), Tom Yam and more - the spicy kick naturally highlights the dish as it complements the other three profiles of sweet, sour and salty.

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