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Best Romantic Getaways in Pattaya

Amid the boisterous nightlife and daytime roar of jet skis and boats, the coastal town of Pattaya to the east of Thailand’s gulf does have a few romantic destinations. Although the region is far from secluded, couples can enjoy time together and relaxation at a number of attractions. Meanwhile, scores of exciting venues invite vacationing lovers to join the nearby festivities. Romance in Pattaya is particularly enticing in January and February when the sun is shining, and the temperatures are comfortable; not too hot or too cold. Here are some of the best venues for romance that Pattaya has to offer.

Three Kingdoms Park

Beauty and serenity kindle flirtation and this quiet hideaway provide the perfect setting for a love-filled day. You can gaze at the scenery with your sweetheart from the fourth floor of a large pagoda as a cool breeze flows through your hair. A leisurely stroll down a long corridor lined with hand-painted tiles will heighten your elation. While the artwork tells the story of the Chinese novel The Three Kingdoms, the extensive architecture throughout the park reflects a Feng Shui design. This attraction offers the Pattaya visitor a peaceful haven in the countryside where romantic notions can freely flourish.

Pattaya Floating Market

Busy vendors exhibit their wares from small boats and canoes as well as tables lining the walkways. As you stroll past the displays sampling traditional dishes and browsing through unique treasures, you may wish to invest in gifts of artwork, food, clothing, or other exotic commodities for your darling. This large market features a wood-carving museum in addition to a free cultural show every afternoon. The many wooden houses reflect the styles of Thailand’s four regions: north, northeast, central, and south. You can even take a ride on one of the man-powered boats and observe the riverside landscape. For couples who appreciate the refinement of culture, this outdoor attraction is outstanding.

Tree Top Adventure Park

Why not take your lover soaring through the jungle on a gliding skateboard or sliding down a flying fox? This wildly popular attraction offers two separate courses that require different skill levels. You can test your stamina on the more difficult one, stay mellow on the less strenuous route or combine the two for an excellent three-hour excursion. While the experience adds a touch of impulsive spontaneity to your romantic getaway, let the park’s good-natured staff photograph your every move. Fun and laughter are the objectives for impassioned couples who visit the Tree Top Adventure Park.

The Beaches: Naklua and Wong Amat

Since Pattaya is a seaside community, your romantic vacation will not be complete until you’ve sunk your feet into the sand at Naklua Beach or taken a dip in the rolling waves at Wong Amat. Nothing enhances the euphoria of your relationship quite like a radiant day at the shore. These beaches are among Thailand’s finest with sparkling blue water and a long row of first-class resorts. If you are a windsurfer, this point by the bay is your ideal destination since the rental equipment is readily available for your convenience. These tranquil beaches are a great escape from the bustle of city life.

Many world travelers return to Pattaya year after year upon discovering the pleasures of romance in the midst of the bright lights and jubilant gaiety. You and your partner can enjoy a spirited party atmosphere and an exclusive rendezvous in one fascinating trip!

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