An insight into the beautiful city of Pattaya.

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    Why Stay at the Holiday Inn Pattaya?

    The Holiday Inn Pattaya Bay Tower offers spacious rooms and suites, all of the amenities guests need to relax and feel at home, and scenic ocean views.

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    Activities to do in Pattaya for the Hardcore ‘Adventurist’

    People who travel around the world are sometimes in search of one thing: Adventure. Whether the adventure takes place down a coiled alley, through highly congested night markets, or enjoying the outdoors, there are always activities people can do when on vacation.

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    Chill Out at Pattaya’s Best Spots for Live Music

    If you are visiting picturesque Pattaya on the Eastern Gulf of Thailand, you won’t have a hard time finding places to hear some great live music.

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    Senior Travel Tips for Travelers to Pattaya

    For travelers of all ages, Pattaya is a must-see destination. From picturesque beaches that invite relaxation to a variety of luxurious accommodations that cater to every taste, Pattaya has much to offer seniors seeking an exotic cultural vacation experience.

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    Eat Healthy at Holiday Inn Pattaya

    Before the 20th century, travelers often avoided foods eaten in countries they visited. By braving the unknown and misunderstood, curious vacationers discovered new culinary traditions.

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    Spend a Cultural Week in Pattaya

    A week-long trip to Pattaya on the Eastern Gulf of Thailand can be excellent for enjoying the beach. Recreational activities such as parasailing and jet-skiing are both attractive options.

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    The Best Cafés to Chill Out in Pattaya

    Pattaya is a beautiful city in Thailand that welcomes tourists from around the world every year. When visiting Pattaya, you’ll want to try the delectable entrées at several of the city’s cafés.

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    Holiday Inn Pattaya Offers Excellent Business & Meeting Facilities

    Holiday Inn Pattaya invites visitors to take advantage of the modern business meeting facilities available at the modern hotel.