An insight into the beautiful city of Pattaya.

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    IHG Culinary Panel

    Holiday Inn Pattaya presents the best of gastronomic and culinary visionaries in an exciting IHG Culinary panel featuring the top award-winning celebrity chefs

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    Best Romantic Getaways in Pattaya

    Amid the boisterous nightlife and daytime roar of jet skis and boats, the coastal town of Pattaya to the east of Thailand’s gulf does have a few romantic destinations. Although the region is far from secluded, couples can enjoy time together and relaxation at a number of attractions.

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    Best Water Sports & Activities for Kids in Pattaya

    It might not be the first thing that would come to mind, but water sports and activities for kids are plentiful around the city of Pattaya, Thailand.

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    5 Interesting Facts about Pattaya

    Pattaya serves as an exciting city in the Gulf of Thailand, featuring many notable and world-class destinations culminated in one fantastic paradise. Pattaya is best known for its fast-paced lifestyle to awe-inspiring attractions seen nowhere else in the world.

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    Best Hidden Away Pattaya Beaches

    Planning an upcoming trip to Pattaya, Thailand? This city, located in Chon Buri Province, is known for its world-famous beaches and exotic nightlife.

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    Best Pattaya Lifestyle Shopping Malls

    If you love nothing more than spending a carefree afternoon shopping, then you’ll absolutely adore Pattaya, Thailand. Located roughly 91 miles southeast of bustling Bangkok, Pattaya is a top tourist destination in its own right.

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    Tea Tree Spa is Pattaya’s Luxury Spa

    One of the best things to do on vacation in Thailand is to experience the thrilling culture, indulge in a fantastic array of innovative cuisine and traverse through the cities.

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    Kids Club at Holiday Inn Pattaya

    Holiday Inn Pattaya strives to ensure all guests are comfortable and fulfilled at the economically-efficient beachfront hotel. The hotel provides outstanding facilities and services to all guests, especially families with young children.